Something a little different to start the new year, albeit this month's article is certainly something which is based upon Scripture and the life here on earth for everyone. The subject may appear to be narrow, i.e.. as the title mentions the Second Amendment (of the U.S. Constitution), what is contained in that second of the "Bill of Rights", is based squarely upon God's written Word and Natural Theology which is applicable to everyone. Of course, there are some, many perhaps in our day who reject the Bible and/or Natural Theology who hold that view due to the fact that they first and foremost deny the very existence of the God who created them and all things visible and invisible.

Thus the article authored by Erich Pratt is focusing upon the incontrovertible truth that all life is sacred and one is justified in preserving that life, whether their own or of someone else. And more narrowly, in what way can a person preserve human life and defend it if that life is threatened? If you haven't thought about this topic before or especially if you have often wondered about defending life, particularly your own, then doubtless you will find Erich Pratt's article enlightening and perhaps even life-changing. scratchchin

You can read this month's article now by clicking here: Theology of Politics: Guns and the Second Amendment.

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