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#58853 Tue Jan 30, 2024 11:25 AM
Joined: Dec 2021
Posts: 75
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Joined: Dec 2021
Posts: 75
Pilgrim, I've noticed you are listed as "Head Honcho" and are a member (or pastor) of the Reformed Congregational church. Is this forum an open forum, or is it a presentation of this particular church or theological viewpoint. In other words is this forum the Internet presence of a particular church of theological stance? Is the Reformed Congregational church similar to a Reformed Baptist church?

In the past I've been in Baptist churches where sometimes persons of other denominations were waiting outside to argue points as members left after a service, and on rare occasions would even attend a Bible study for the specific purpose of disagreeing with the church's doctrinal views.

I do not want to be seen in that manner, if I am intruding on a Forum of or for a specific denomination or theology. Pilgrim, was/is this forum your creation, and you therefore are the Moderator? I can see the forum is largely what I think of as orthodox as coming out of the Protestant Reformation, but is it more specific than that? Would a dispensationalist, or Lutheran, or New Covenant theology believer be intruding in an offensive manner to post views here on the forum, or it specifically a Calvinist/Reformed forum? I hold to the 1646 Baptist Confession rather than the 1689 Baptist confession because of the lack of Old Covenant law being included, as the Ten Commandments are included in the various Reformed church's Confessions, though I certainly do not break brotherly fellowship on that point. Am I intruding improperly into a Reformed forum?

Pilgrim, I'm asking because reading various posts here, it almost sounds like this forum is a particular church and you are the Pastor defending the purpose and presentation of the forum. My questions may be answered somewhere on the Forum but I have not seen it. I notice the members of this forum is are a smaller number, less than 1000, so I have begun to wonder about this.

Thanks for clarifying for me, and possibly making it clear for other brethren in Christ who are merely reading, who may hold to varied views that are not exactly inline with yours.

Last edited by DiscipleEddie; Tue Jan 30, 2024 11:27 AM.
Joined: Apr 2001
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Head Honcho
Head Honcho
Joined: Apr 2001
Posts: 14,457
Likes: 57
1. It is an "open forum" which is broadly based upon what you can read here: Forum Rules

2. I identify as a Reformed Congregationalist which adheres to the The Savoy Declaration of Faith and Practice

3. I "inherited" the website in 1996 when it was in its infancy and developed it over the following years to what it is today. This "forum/board" is auxiliary to the main website. I am, therefore, the 'owner' and main Administrator. Non historic and/or non confessional Protestant Reformation view points are tolerated for discussion but they are not necessarily sanctioned as orthodox.

4. This is most definitely NOT A CHURCH. Nor has it ever even been hinted as being such. The Highway is a source for sound biblical teaching which can be verified from the various Reformation confessions and catechisms of several and various denominations that are in agreement on all the major doctrines of the faith but may hold to differences on minor issues. The number of members is of little significance for actual visitors to the website and this board far exceed that number. Statistics show that there are on average c. 2 million visits/month. Discussions tend toward the associated social media outlets vs. here on the forums. We encourage everyone to seek a biblical church which is sound in both doctrine, preaching/teaching, worship, discipline and practice which admittedly is a difficult task for the majority of true believers in our day.

Hopefully, your queries have been satisfactorily answered.

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simul iustus et peccator

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Joined: Dec 2021
Posts: 75
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Joined: Dec 2021
Posts: 75
Thank you Pilgrim for clearing up the questions I had on here. From what I have read here, I generally agree with you just as I agree with Matthew Henry, Matthew Poole, and from a Baptist's perspective, John Gill and Peter Pett, etc.

I suppose I hold to generally New Covenant Theology but I'm not sure how closely on related matters I'd be identified with those educated minds who hold to this. The 1646 Confession of the London Baptists is close to my beliefs and so far I do not recall any points in it that I disagree with.

I did not wish to be seen as a trouble maker or troll when I voice my views that differ from the more 'orthodox' Reformed position. I certainly do not break fellowship over the presentations I read in A. A. Hodge, R. L. Dabney, etc. In fact, Hodge was my first systematic theology textbook back before the Internet. Today of course I think there about 8 or so good theology textbooks online, including Dr. Louis Berkhof, and John Gill's Body of Divinity.

I've never considered John Gill's teaching of eternal justification being such a major topic to disturb me and I've never considered him anti-nomian. I love Gill's teaching on the Spiritual Reign of Christ because it describes how I understand the post-mil world before the second advent. If I were to be a pre-mil I'd have to embrace John Gill's presentation on it, rather than dispensationalism.

I apologize for my delayed response and also for any appearance that I was criticizing. I've have been and continue to be dealing with matters that cramp my time. I am studying on the timing of justification in relation to our personal expression of faith, so hopefully I'll come to some a more solid understanding on that. I have encountered what was termed "evidentiary justification" and it does seem more biblical than eternal justification. I know the Orthodox view is that faith is the instrument or means, so I am comparing the biblical basis of each argument. Dr. Berkhof does have a full section supporting the Orthodox view in opposition to the 'eternal' position. When I come to a better confidence in a personal view on that, I'll post my understanding, but as I say my time is intermittently cramped these days.

I'm thankful you have an orthodox Christian faith presentation online in this forum. The so-called Christian forums I've read, I question how they even merit the right to call themselves Christian. But I fear it is representative of the church in America in our day and I am convinced we are under God's judgment because of it.

Thanks for your gracious response!

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