Hi everyone-<br><br>I want to invite you to visit: http://www.foothillsfaceup.org<br>We debuted our new site today.<br><br>FACEUP (Fellowship and Christian Education Uniting Presbyterians) is a group of five PCUSA churches in the Foothills Presbytery (Upstate) of South Carolina. Our small churches pool our resources for all sorts of activities that center on creating fellowship and we offer a range of educational activities for all to participate in, too. We decided to create the website in response to our Presbytery's desire and call to foster communication and teamwork among the churches of the Presbytery.<br><br>I'm no web guru, so don't expect a real flashy site! And while all the churches' information is not yet online, much is, and we hope you'll bookmark our site and visit often.<br><br>Please write me if you have questions or suggestions for the site. If you visit we hope you'll sign our guestbook and try out the features we've provided: a survey center; a discussion/bulletin board. (And coming soon is a test center where you can find out how much you know about Presbyterian doctrine!<br><br>I hope you enjoy the site!<br>Cecil Rigby,<br>FACEUP webmaster<br>