Dunno... but after reading one of the articles available there on transplant recipients being denied unless they submit to getting the "jab" (covid vaccine), immediately after the article there is this: "More Stories From NPR". Now, it should be common knowledge that NPR (National Public Radio) is a far-Left organization and thus their reporting should be carefully scrutinized and fact checked. The article was true in that transplant recipients have been denied getting the necessary operation in various places in the U.S. but the alleged "facts" from the hospital:

"An unvaccinated person is about 50 times more likely to be hospitalized for COVID-19 than a vaccinated person, and nearly 300 times more likely to die if infected," the hospital said at the time.
are spurious. It is widely known that vaccinated individuals can still be infected and transmit the disease and that those with 'natural immunity' are far better protected. So "unvaccinated" is more often than not used in a fallacious manner which does not include those who have natural immunity. igiveup