1. I would think you are in your 60s.

2. Regardless of how your country/province has setup the 'charity/non-profit/whatever' status in order to allow tax reductions, the fact is registration with the gov't is required. This puts the registered organization/business/charity under the control of the gov't. For example, sportsman associations (aka: gun clubs) and I think all organizations in the U.S. who are 501 C3 designated are not allowed to be "political". This means, if a conservative individual is running for the office of county sheriff, that organization is forbidden to use any verbiage or campaign material that shows support for that individual. With the "privilege" of getting a tax break there is a loss of freedom. This principle has been learned for 1000s of years now. Any association with the gov't always means you lose something which you would otherwise have.

3. The liberties/freedoms which are allegedly guaranteed in your Charter of Rights or our U.S. Constitution/Declaration of Independence are not always observed by the gov't. And, the founding fathers of this country knew this well when they wrote those documents. In a 1787 letter to William Stephens Smith, the son-in-law of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson wrote: "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it's natural manure." Governments, regardless of where they are notoriously are based not upon for the good of the people, but on control and self-benefit. Why would a church voluntarily choose to make a pact with gov't which is run by evil men? scratchchin

4. Motives are indeed at the heart of the matter (pun intended). Very few give with pure motives. Scripture is replete with examples of the intentions of men which are not pure to remind believers that they are not automatically exempt from being guilty of this too.