I would love if more churches refused the 501c3 "tax exemption." The children of the King are already exempt from tribute under all of Biblical, Constitutional, Natural, Common, and Statute law, though for different reasons. Bible-believing churches rarely have net income to tax, and getting a tax exemption on one's giving is hardly a reason to tear control of Christ's Church away from Christ, and to give it to Caesar instead.

I would also love if more of us understood the wicked nature of our current "governments" and all that implies, including, amongst other things, the duty to resist on any point where we cannot both obey God and man (Acts 5:29). If we do not, then much of the blood of the aborted, and of those murdered by COVID "vaccines" as well as COVID itself, and of other innocents, remains fully on our own hands.

And I would love if more people understood that we are commanded to love God with all our being, and hence to love our neighbor as ourselves, and hence not attempt to violate his or her God-given rights under color of law, whether by voting for demonic far-left thugs who openly campaign on a platform of robbing, enslaving and murdering other human beings and loving everything God hates and hating everything He loves, or by any other means.

That understanding is lacking among many.

Of course it is of existential importance that we resist left-wing Marxist thugs, Demoncrats (if I didn't just repeat myself), Arminians/Pelagians, and, in general, those who would vote based on their passions rather than experience. Which is among many of the reasons why both I and the framers for the most part strongly opposed demonocracy in general.

Nonetheless, being conservative, Republican, Reformed, or having been around the block a few times, does not guarantee that one will think or act biblically on these issues.

Only a deep familiarity with the Word, and more importantly, its Author, will do that.