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by Tom
There is nothing scientific about what I am about to say.
It is just an observation, that makes me curious if others are finding the same thing.

I was thinking about my own life and family, friends and acquaintances, I know who take the same
position I do against government overreach.

What I have noticed is every single family member that is Charismatc takes the very same position I do against vaccine mandates and government overreach.
Contrast that to many of my own friends and family who are Reformed and I find it quite shocking. Even my former Reformed Baptist Church, is opposed to my position on Romans 13 grounds; causing a Church split. I was shocked that my old pastor takes the position he does on the subject.

Among the people who left my old Church is a good friend, who was in training to become and elder there. For a while he went against his conscience and submitted to the other elders. Yet after his wife was rebuked by an elder for hugging someone, that became the straw that broke the camels back.
He started speaking his mind and was disciplined for it. He stopped his elder ship training first and after a while, he repented and left the Church, because he felt like a hypocrite.
He recently shared with me a pre-Covid sermon one of the elders preached on Romans chapter 13, that shows they did an about face on their understanding of the chapter.

A common example is , many Reformed people and pastors I know believe that regardless of whether or not the government has made mistakes through all this, we can not know for sure if they are acting on everybody’s best interest or not. Therefore we must obey them; because that is loving your neighbour.

That seems to be the majority position among most Churches, Reformed or otherwise.

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by Pilgrim
1. I would think you are in your 60s.

2. Regardless of how your country/province has setup the 'charity/non-profit/whatever' status in order to allow tax reductions, the fact is registration with the gov't is required. This puts the registered organization/business/charity under the control of the gov't. For example, sportsman associations (aka: gun clubs) and I think all organizations in the U.S. who are 501 C3 designated are not allowed to be "political". This means, if a conservative individual is running for the office of county sheriff, that organization is forbidden to use any verbiage or campaign material that shows support for that individual. With the "privilege" of getting a tax break there is a loss of freedom. This principle has been learned for 1000s of years now. Any association with the gov't always means you lose something which you would otherwise have.

3. The liberties/freedoms which are allegedly guaranteed in your Charter of Rights or our U.S. Constitution/Declaration of Independence are not always observed by the gov't. And, the founding fathers of this country knew this well when they wrote those documents. In a 1787 letter to William Stephens Smith, the son-in-law of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson wrote: "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it's natural manure." Governments, regardless of where they are notoriously are based not upon for the good of the people, but on control and self-benefit. Why would a church voluntarily choose to make a pact with gov't which is run by evil men? scratchchin

4. Motives are indeed at the heart of the matter (pun intended). Very few give with pure motives. Scripture is replete with examples of the intentions of men which are not pure to remind believers that they are not automatically exempt from being guilty of this too.
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by jta
I would love if more churches refused the 501c3 "tax exemption." The children of the King are already exempt from tribute under all of Biblical, Constitutional, Natural, Common, and Statute law, though for different reasons. Bible-believing churches rarely have net income to tax, and getting a tax exemption on one's giving is hardly a reason to tear control of Christ's Church away from Christ, and to give it to Caesar instead.

I would also love if more of us understood the wicked nature of our current "governments" and all that implies, including, amongst other things, the duty to resist on any point where we cannot both obey God and man (Acts 5:29). If we do not, then much of the blood of the aborted, and of those murdered by COVID "vaccines" as well as COVID itself, and of other innocents, remains fully on our own hands.

And I would love if more people understood that we are commanded to love God with all our being, and hence to love our neighbor as ourselves, and hence not attempt to violate his or her God-given rights under color of law, whether by voting for demonic far-left thugs who openly campaign on a platform of robbing, enslaving and murdering other human beings and loving everything God hates and hating everything He loves, or by any other means.

That understanding is lacking among many.

Of course it is of existential importance that we resist left-wing Marxist thugs, Demoncrats (if I didn't just repeat myself), Arminians/Pelagians, and, in general, those who would vote based on their passions rather than experience. Which is among many of the reasons why both I and the framers for the most part strongly opposed demonocracy in general.

Nonetheless, being conservative, Republican, Reformed, or having been around the block a few times, does not guarantee that one will think or act biblically on these issues.

Only a deep familiarity with the Word, and more importantly, its Author, will do that.
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