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Posted By: John_C Augustine or Athanasius - Thu Jul 15, 2021 1:54 PM
I always thought Augustine would be the greatest theologian in the first millennium of the church, but now not so sure. Maybe Athanasius should be given that claim. Without his efforts in the Nicaea Council, we may not have our understanding of the Trinity. Plus he was the first to acknowledge the 27 NT books in the canon. I see Augustine as an well-rounded, overall excellent theologian, but did he face as much obstacles as Athanasius?
Posted By: Pilgrim Re: Augustine or Athanasius - Sun Jul 18, 2021 12:40 AM
Augustine had his nemeses too, e.g., Pelagius who epitomized the Devil himself whose hatred of Soli Gratia is inestimable for it displays the infinite mercy and grace of God toward His creation.
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