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Posted By: MarieP Procter & Gamble- Should we boycott? - Sat Oct 23, 2004 2:33 PM
I just got an email from the American Family Association that talks about boycotting Procter & Gamble:

Procter & Gamble is the largest contributor to the “Yes on 3” campaign in Cincinnati, an effort to give special rights to homosexuals.
The latest figures show that P&G has given $30,000 to the campaign, more than any other contributor! P&G said in a public letter that securing special rights for homosexuals was the “right” thing to do, and that those who oppose the “Yes on 3” efforts are “out of step.”

While P&G is leading the effort to give homosexuals special rights in Cincinnati, the company has refused to endorse the Ohio Marriage Protection Amendment that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman.

P&G aggressively promotes special rights for homosexuals, but at the same time refuses to take a stand for traditional marriage. It is no longer a secret that P&G has become a leader in pushing the homosexual agenda.

P&G has a history of consistently doing this. In a letter sent to their employees, P&G said: “We value differences and will not tolerate discrimination in any form, against anyone, for any reason.” Opposing same sex marriage is discrimination for good reason, but P&G says it will not tolerate discrimination.

P&G thinks that hundreds of thousands of voters in the following states are “out of step” and did not do what is “right,” (thus it was wrong) when they voted to discriminate against homosexuals by not allowing them to marry. In the states of Hawaii (69.2% to 28.6%), Alaska (68.11% to 31.89%), Nebraska (70.1% to 29.9%), Nevada (67.1% to 32.7%), Missouri (70.7% to 29.3%) and Louisiana (78% to 22%), large majorities have voted into their state constitutions a ban on homosexual marriage.

It is no longer a secret where P&G stands on the homosexual marriage issue.

American Family Association is asking individuals to:

Boycott three products of P&G — Crest toothpaste, Tide detergent, and Pampers diapers. (Some are boycotting all P&G products, which we encourage.

Call Chairman A.G. Lafley at 513-983-1100 and politely let him know that you are participating in the boycott and will ask others to do the same.

Please register your support for the boycott at

Print out a Boycott Procter & Gamble petition and distribute among Sunday School and church members and with your friends.

To print out a list of P&G products, click here.

Please forward this to friends and family.

For more complete information on the boycott, go to

My question is twofold. Number one, should we boycott Procter & Gamble? If we boycott them, I'm sure there are other companies equally as worthy of boycotting. Number two, if we should boycott, shouldn't we boycott all products instead of just a few? What would be the point of boycotting just a few?

By the way, from the list of P&G products, I've realized I use about a quarter of them!
Posted By: J_Edwards Re: Procter & Gamble- Should we boycott? - Sat Oct 23, 2004 4:13 PM
Are you going to boycott "every" unbiblical business? While I would certainly let my views be made known some actions are better than others at combating evil. Did Christ ever accept anything from someone who was unbiblical in their business or other wise, or did He boycott them "all?"

P&G has been boycotted before with no change in their philosophy. Some here may remember when their symbol of a bearded man on the moon with stars (allegedly based on Rev 12:1), as an alleged satanic symbol displayed in such a way as to indicate P&G's adherence to witchcraft/satanism (SBC and Billy made a big fuss, P&G sued Amway and it was dismissed, et. al.). Their philosophy of business remained the same (note: TMK no evidence ever surfaced that they actually practiced witchcraft/satanism, but it is interesting how depravity works in individuals and what symbolism they are drawn to...).

I need my Charmin [Linked Image]
Posted By: janean Re: Procter & Gamble- Should we boycott? - Sun Oct 24, 2004 3:24 PM
I heard about this boycott too. I guess Dobson was talking about it on his show so my husband told me. My husband gets into these boycott things a lot. For example our family will never take a trip to Walt Disney World. My husband is pretty much dead set against this because of their siding with liberals and homosexuals and their "Gay Day" in June. When I pointed out to him just how many P&G products we use in our house, even he thought it would be impossible to ban them all. Give up Dawn dish soap?? Who has a good replacement for that? Well on the other hand it is concerning to hear of their supposedly heavy support for homosexuals.

Well I don't think it's a bad thing to point out what this company is supporting, but it does seem to get crazy and then what is there left to buy?? And I wondered too about the competing companies - are they supporting homosexuals and things I disagree with too?
Posted By: J_Edwards Re: Procter & Gamble- Should we boycott? - Sun Oct 24, 2004 3:32 PM
While some are still boycotting poor Mickey others here have taken a different initiative of evangelizing homosexuals/lesbians--might I add with great success. Mickey is not hurting economically from the boycott, or changed their philosophy, but Satan's kingdom is hurting from the evangelizing of its members. I'm not necessarily against boycotts (I don't "shop" in Wicca stores, etc), but other measures seem more fitting in the case of Disney or P&G.
Posted By: Gileskirk Re: Procter & Gamble- Should we boycott? - Mon Oct 25, 2004 10:16 PM
The reality of boycotts is that they never work. There will always be "free riders" within a group of boycotters who do not adhere to the boycott, thus unravelling the boycott from the inside out. The prime example of this is the SBC Disney boycott. There were some well intentioned people who followed (and still follow) it, but with free ridership from the very beginning it can never be proven that it hurt Disney's bottom line by one red cent.

Secondly a boycott of certain product lines is doomed from the beginning. It's much like the "gas outs" of a few years ago when people were to not buy gas from certain companies on certain days. Even if everyone adhered there would have been no demand shift in the long run; the reality of it is that they would have gotten gas the day before or day after. This will not hurt P&G, particularly since their product line is so diverse. Many manufactured goods sold in the U.S. contain P&G product, whether P&G is on the label. Buckeye Cellulose (a P&G subsidiary) provides much of the raw material for paper goods and packaging in products of all brands packaged in the U.S. In addition to high product yield, Buckeye provides very good margin.

Third, over 50% of Fortune 100 companies (including my company) are, at least, beginning to provide benefits to same sex couples. I do not agree with this, and I have been as vocal as possible in this regard. Still, I don't know that we change the culture by boycotting, yet convey in love the glorious message of our Lord.

Just one guy's opinion.
Posted By: GottseiEhre Re: Procter & Gamble- Should we boycott? - Wed Oct 27, 2004 1:44 AM
yeah, what he said!
well put!
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