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Posted By: Tom Dispensationalism - Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:48 PM
I am looking for short easy to understand articles that deal with the main problems with Dispensationalism as it relates to Scripture.
I am presently involved with a discussion of this nature with a friend of mine via e-mail.
I have read a few articles on Dispensationalism that the Highway provides, but thought before I provide a link to my friend I would see if there are other articles that are worth while for consideration.

Thank you in advance
Posted By: Wes Re: Dispensationalism - Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:53 PM

Quote gives a simple yet accurate description here.

Dispensationalism is a system of biblical interpretation formalized in the nineteenth century by John Nelson Darby and later popularized by the publishing of the study Bible of C. I. Scofield and the establishment of Dallas Theological Seminary by Lewis Sperry Chafer. It is the foundation of what is known in eschatological studies as "pre-tribulational premillenialism" and involves the division of history into (usually) seven distinct periods of time known as "dispensations". Twentieth century writers such as John Walvoord, Dwight Pentecost, and Charles Ryrie brought the doctrines of Dispensationalism into mainstream scholarship, which are often summarized by Ryrie's famous "sine qua non", i.e., his statement of the three primary tenets of the system.

These are:

1) a clear distinction between Israel and the Church,

2) literal interpretation of Scripture, and

3) the glory of God as the primary goal of history.

We find only the third of these principles to be valid. As stated above, God's glory is clearly the driving force behind all things .... We believe there is one people of God, rooted in the Abrahamic Covenant, united in Christ, and consisting of both Jew and Gentile alike

Besides the articles here on the Highway you will find some additional ones here that might be very helpful as well.

Posted By: RefDoc Re: Dispensationalism - Sun Aug 24, 2008 3:29 AM
I always chuckle at the claim by dispies to have a "literal interpretation of Scripture". Cornel Venema did quite a good job of showing how they are less literal than the amil view in his book "The Promise of the Future". Kim Riddlebarger's book "A Case for Amillennialism" is a good read as well.
Google Kim Riddelbarger and you should find several interesting articles and blog entries regarding the amil view, then just contrast that with what dispies teach.
Posted By: William Re: Dispensationalism - Sat Aug 30, 2008 9:25 PM
Try this. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/read.gif" alt="" />

The Ninety-Five Theses Against Dispensationalism

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