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Just a Rant

Posted By: Tom

Just a Rant - Mon May 10, 2021 10:57 PM

Let me tell you, my tongue is getting very sore from biting it.

More and more, I am finding that I need to walk out of rooms, on the subject of vaccines, masks, racism, homosexuality, etc...

I am actually not afraid to speak my mind, but many times I am finding out it is better to remain silent in many family situations where to open my mouth will cause fights and division.

I am at present, sitting on my back deck after doing just that.
My niece, who is not a believer but respects us, because of how we live, is visiting.
She was going off on people that have not been vaccinated that can be vaccinated. Then she started talking about her mother in law, whose husband (her son) has just finished fixing up her basement sweet to rent. Apparently she had some renters lined up, but that fell through when she found out they were lesbians. My niece was rolling her eyes as she said this and added, "I am going to assume that she is racist too."

Now there is no love lost between her mother- in law and me; we have our issues. However, as you can well imagine, I had to leave the room lest I caused a a family squabble. My wife also, did not comment and let our niece's comments slide.

I was recently advised by a pastor friend, that I should not remain quiet when such things are brought up. However, my experience tells me that sometimes it is better to say nothing with some people.

End of rant.
Posted By: ATulipNotADaisy

Re: Just a Rant - Fri May 14, 2021 12:55 PM

I understand what you are saying, Tom. What has caused people to become so emboldened these days? Is it social media? Anonymity of being a keyboard warrior? The freedom to express one's opinion on social media seems to me to carry over into reality.
Posted By: ATulipNotADaisy

Re: Just a Rant - Fri May 14, 2021 1:24 PM

Tom, After I made my post I started reading the Article of the Month, "Old Landmarks." It is timely for your rant and for us all.
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