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Posted By: Tom News Media in Canada - Tue Jan 11, 2022 11:26 PM
Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but in Canada there is only one media source that is actually reporting what is happening concerned what is happening in Canadian provinces.
Rebel News in an effort to report both sides of the issues, reports what is happening, such as protests, lockdowns, etc..
In many cases, the police do not even recognize Rebel News media passes. In some cases, police fine them, or even assault them.

Our police of course are in the pockets of our tyrant of a leader Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He has repeatedly said he refuses to recognize Rebel News as a real News Media; despite their credentials and them having won every court case so far against them. Other court cases, are coming up as well, including assault of their reporters by Trudeau body guards that were caught on camera. All this of course is causing Rebel News millions of dollars and they are only supported by their supporters. Unlike other media sources who are paid by the government. Obviously that is why those news sources are not reporting these things.

The following is some video, that is actually quite calm compared to other video I have watched. Never the less, they were prevented from doing their job. This particular video, is reporting a protest in Quebec about a curfew from 10 PM to 5 AM on all people.

I know many in the USA are watching things like this, because they know it is coming to them as well.

Posted By: Tom Re: News Media in Canada - Thu Jan 13, 2022 12:35 AM
Now I am hearing Quebec will be taxing a substantial amount to all unvaccinated people. I do not want to read too much into it, but my mind does wonder to the consequences of this. I thank my Lord that all things work together for good...(Romans 8:28)

Other Canadian provinces may be following them in this.

Posted By: Pilgrim Re: News Media in Canada - Sat Jan 15, 2022 12:30 PM
Just wondering how the government is going to determine who is unvaccinated? scratchchin The government would have to have a medical database on every individual who lives in Canada. Even if that was possible, it would take a long time to create. [that is why gun owners in the US refuse to allow any type of database on firearm ownership. It has been and is a precursor to confiscation]. Notice too, there is no mention nor recognition of 'natural immunity' which is FAR SUPERIOR to any man-made vaccine. igiveup
Posted By: Tom Re: News Media in Canada - Sat Jan 15, 2022 11:50 PM

That is a good question. However, they already have a data base set up in Canada.
Last summer for example I and quite a few of my unvaccinated friends got official government mail, basically saying that their records indicate we have yet to be vaccinated.
Along with other (supposed facts), it gave places in our area where we can be vaccinated.
Vaccinated people did not get this mail.

Right you are about natural immunity being "FAR SUPERIOR" to any man made vaccine. The general population however does not believe that and believes it to be "misinformation".

For example, last month several doctors came to our community, who are trying to spread the word out about many of their own patients experience concerning being 'vaccine injuries" and other facts that the government will not admit.

The next day, in the local news paper there was a column on the event. They totally trashed what these doctors said; calling it all "misinformation". They referred to what B.C. Health officials are saying; which is completely the opposite to what the doctors are saying. For example, one of these doctors, has 14 permanently vaccine injured patients and when he sought help from the health officials; he was basically told to just do his job, or face the consequences. He also was told that when he reached out to many of his own colleagues in the medical community, most of them did not want to discuss it, lest they lose their credentials.
This particular doctor, would not be put off and lost his hospital rights. He is also under investigation for causing "vaccine hesitancy".
The article in question, sited health officials concerning this particular doctors claims. It claims that the doctor despite being asked to show proof of his claims, did not offer any that would leave them to show that his patients were injured by the vaccines themselves.

Recently on the TV, Bonnie Henry who is the BC chief health doctor came out saying that they are rolling out vaccines for ages 5-12, and went on to say that vaccines have proven themselves to be "very safe".
This is exactly what the general public believes and if you say anything contrary to that you are not worth listening to. I am happy to report however, I believe this is changing, because I am finding many who are very skeptical and untrusting of our health officials. One man I know at work, says that since his wife got vaccinated they found fluid around her heart and although she is doing quite well. They have no doubt it was caused by the vaccine. Her doctor actually confided in her, that he has been seeing more patients with the same problems. Of course he can't say this officially, for fear of repercussions.

I also saw a panel of doctors recently saying that many athletes (especially soccer players) are dropping dead from heart issues. They also mentioned that they believe that the vaccine has killed over 20,000 people in the USA and that is only those who have been reported. You will not hear any this coming from either the media, or medical officials.

Also, do you think it is a coincidence that in the city of Vancouver B.C. they have just put out over 100 heart attack saving machines throughout the city. They are not saying it has anything to do with vaccine related heart attacks. However, that is where my mind goes.

Just heard from a friend of mine, who read about a poll (he participated) done across Canada about having a two tiered health system. Over 60% of those polled are in favor of this as long as those two tiers are "vaccinated and unvaccinated". Also many in Canada are in favor of what is happening in Quebec concerning adding a big tax to the unvaccinated. It appears that they want the unvaccinated to pay for the huge costs associated with Covid-19. Who they believe we would be out of this mess if it was not for the unvaccinated.

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