The Highway
Whatsoever or whomsoever a man most trusts in is his "god." Some trust in health, others in wealth; some in self, others in their friends. That which characterizes all the unregenerate is that they lean upon an arm of flesh. But the elect of grace have their hearts drawn from all creature supports, to rest upon the living God. God's people are the children of faith. The language of their hearts is, "O my God I trust in Thee: let me not be ashamed" (Psalm 25:2). And again, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him" (Job 13:15). They rely upon God to provide, protect and bless them. They look to an unseen Resource, count upon an invisible God, lean upon a hidden Arm.

True, there are times when their faith wavers, but though they fall they are not utterly cast down. Though it be not their uniform experience, yet Psalm 56:11 expresses the general state of their souls: "In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me." Their earnest prayer is, "Lord increase our faith" (Luke 17:5). "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Roman 10:17). Thus, as the Scriptures are pondered, and their promises received in the mind, faith is strengthened, confidence in God is increased and assurance deepened. By this we may discover whether or not we are profiting from our study of the Bible.

A.W. Pink Profiting From the Word - Chapter 2: The Scriptures and God
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