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Posted By: Pilgrim "What is Christian Union?" by Robert L. Dabney - Fri Jul 01, 2005 3:54 PM

THE divisions of Protestantism have been often charged as its opprobrium. No one who is governed by the principles of the gospel can fail to deplore the bitterness and injustice of Christians towards each other, which have too often attended their unavoidable differences. Every right-minded Christian, accordingly, rejoices in the legitimate means for increasing and evincing the spiritual unity of the whole body of God’s people. Where this can be done without compromising conscientious convictions, we hail it as an unmingled blessing to our common Zion.

The Utopian dream of the manifestation of the unity of spirit of the whole body of believers in a universal church union is, however, just one of the prevalent whims of our day. The modern, and especially the American mind seems to be prone to such epidemic distempers; and we now see the Christian world, in certain populous parts of this country, morbidly excited with the claim that Protestantism must manifest its Christian unity as popery does; or else be justly obnoxious to the charge of schism, and remain weak before its thoroughly organized adversary.

That all true followers of a common Lord should be one in aims, in spirit, in affection, no one can doubt. The question is, whether their reduction under a single church government and name is necessary to this Christian unity. Or, to borrow the current phrase of the day, whether an organic unity is necessary therefore.

This month's Article of the Month is a "goodie"!! Robert Dabney opens up that proverbial can of worms and takes on the question concerning what is true Christian unity vs. false unity. How often have you heard people scoff at Christians and the Church because of all its various denominations, divisions, debates, etc. and found yourself without an adequate response? Doubtless, Dabney's insights and biblically grounded answers will help you understand better what the one true Church is and how all these various anomalies relate to it.

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