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"Hell's Best Revealed Secret" book review

Posted By: Pilgrim

"Hell's Best Revealed Secret" book review - Wed Jul 19, 2017 5:07 PM

A book review by Geoff Thomas of Hell's Best Revealed Secret by Elly Alchok Olare has been added to the "Book Reviews" section of The Highway website. In this book, Mr. Olare who was involved with the evangelical movement for 17 years takes a hard look at the methodology and message of what is known as "The Invitation System" or even more so the "Altar Call", which was made popular by Charles Finney. From the summary of the book in the review, I can heartily give an unreserved "AMEN!" Our thanks to Elly for writing this much needed book and to Geoff Thomas for providing the good review.

You can read Goeff Thomas' book review here: Hell's Best Revealed Secret.

Or, you can access it at your leisure from The Highway homepage and clicking on the "Book Reviews" link.
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