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Posted By: Pilgrim "Homeschooling: A 5-Part Series" by Dr. Paul M. Elliott - Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:00 AM
You should be no stranger to the writings of Dr. Paul M. Elliott if you have followed the Article of the Month for any time over the past year or so. He is one of the few who are contemporary who is genuinely biblically grounded vs. the majority who have gone after the philosophies of the world. Is he infallible? giggle No, but he is most assuredly worthy of your consideration concerning the various topics he writes/teaches/preaches about. This month's Article of the Month I have included his excellent 5-Part series on the subject of Homeschooling. The COVID-19 scare which has so drastically curtailed public gathering of every imaginable kind, whether sports, restaurants, picnics in the park, churches and a seemingly endless list which also includes the current heated debate over whether or not the public schools should open this Fall. Many have turned to or seriously looked into homeschooling, both by secular parents as well as professing Christian parents. Personally, if I had to choose what to do with school-age children, I would opt for homeschooling without missing a beat, given the godless and anti-American indoctrination currently being taught throughout this country, and doubtless this would be equally true in nearly every other part of the world. So, what should a Christian parent know to help make this decision to homeschool their children or if they currently do homeschool their children, are they using sound biblical materials or just worldly materials passed off as being "religious"? These questions and others are addressed in this month's article. And as with any of our Article of the Month offerings, we encourage you to read with discernment and consult the Scriptures to "test the spirits" (2Cor 10:3-6; 1Jh 4:1f).

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