Quite some time ago, I read a quote from someone at Biologos; which is supposedly a Christian organization that supports theistic evolution. Unfortunately I did not copy the quote for another time. The quote went something like; “Undoubtedly Paul believed in a young earth; but Paul was clearly wrong.” That probably is not an exact quote; but I think it represents what was said properly.
I believe the same person also mentioned that Paul was also probably wrong when it comes to Adam and Eve being the sole mother and father of all humans.
This quote of course shows the person’s view of the Bible. It is obvious that the person does not believe in biblical inerrancy; among other things. Which is really all I really need to know about the organization.
However, I have a question related to the quotes from Biologos; that I have been trying to find out more by studying Paul’s writing.
I am looking mainly at the writing of Paul, to show that he did indeed believe in a young earth and a real historical view of Genesis one and two. In the later case, some of what comes to mind is Romans 5 – Sin and death infecting the entire human race through Adam. Which is why Christ had to come, if Adam and Eve were not actual historical people; then I see no reason why writers like Paul would write in this manner. In 1 Cor.15, Christ the last Adam; Paul uses the creation narrative.
I am still looking for information that shows definitely that Paul wrote about a Young Earth.
The reason why I am asking this is if I find it, it could be helpful in showing what Paul and other writers taught on the issue.
Thank you