"Dominus Iesus" Index

 James E. McGoldrick
     - "Three Principles of Protestantism"

  Richard Bennett
     - "From Tradition To Truth" - My Testimony
     - "True and False Worship: The Cross and the Mass"
     - "ECT: The Biblical Precept for Public Repentance
     - "Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification
     - "Papal Pardon or Papal Pride?"
     - "Fatima: JP II, RCC Contradict Gospel: . . ."
     - "The Anti-Christ Unveiled"
     - "Vatican Prepares to Control Through Civil Law"
     - "The Alignment of New Evangelicals with Apostasy"
     - "The Papacy and Islam"
     - "A Summary Chart between Biblical Christianity and Catholicism"
     - "Popedom: Its History, Nature and Purpose (2-Part Series)"
     - "The Legacy of the True Historical Patrick" - REVISED
     - "The Cause of Catholic Scandals and the Sovereignty of God"
     - "The Accomplishments of John Paul II"
     - "Papal Rome and the European Union"
     - "The Perilous Fondness for the Papacy"
     - "The Passion of Christ: Mel Gibson’s Vivid Deception"
     - "A New Pope is Elected"
     - "Pope Benedict XVI's god and gospel" 
     - "Papal Promotion of Collective Ownership and Theft" 
     - "Pope Benedict’s Denunciation of True Churches Exposes His Own System"
     - "History of the Early Church Invalidates Papal Claim of Apostolic Succession"
     - "Pope Teaches Counterfeit of Biblical Trinity" 
     - "John Paul II: Blessed in the Sight of God?" 
     - "Are Catholics Christians?" 
     - "The International Eucharistic Congress 2012 - Is this a Christian Event?"
     - "The Roman Catholic Socialist Agenda" 
     - "Is the Pope in Jeopardy?"
     - "Rome’s Sham ‘Year of Faith’ Unfaithful to Christ and His Gospel"
     - "Pope Francis Shows His True Colors"
     - "Pope Francis Portrays Himself as a Reformer"
"Who is the Holy Father?"
     -"Do Catholics Possess Life Eternal?"
     - "Pope Francis, The Fox"

  Dr. John H. Armstrong
     - "Evangelicals and Catholics Together"
     - "The Authority of Scripture"
     - "A View of Rome" (4-Part Series)
     - "Who Really Speaks for God?"

  Dr. John W. Robbins
     - "The Gift of Salvation Show: Healing the Wound" (large file)

  Martin Luther
     - "The 95 Theses"

  Prof. John Murray
     - "Tradition: Romish and Protestant"

  Robert L. Reymond
     - "Why Does Rome Teach What It Does About Justification and Salvation?"

  Michael Horton
     - "What Still Keeps Us Apart"

  Dr. W. Robert Godfrey
     - "What Do We Mean by Sola Scriptura?"

  James Henry Thornwell
     - "Argument for an Infallible Body"

  G.C. Berkouwer
     - "Unshakable Authority"

  William Webster
     - "The Authority of Scripture"
     - "The Papacy and the ‘Rock’ of Matthew 16"
     - "The Church Fathers' Interpretation of the Rock of Matthew 16:18"
     - "Salvation and the Sacramental System"
     - "Rome’s New and Novel Concept of Tradition"
     - "The Eucharist"

  Francis Nigel Lee
     - "Fifty-Five Theses Against Transubstantiation"

  Colin Maxwell
     - "Death Without Purgatory"

  Herman Hegger
     - "Light and Life in Christ" - My Testimony

  Mary C. Hertel
     - "The Unsearcheable Ways of God" - My Testimony

  Mary Ann Pakiz
     - "God's Word Needs No Authority Other Than Itself" - My Testimony

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