Worship in the Melting Pot

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Table of Contents

 Worship in the Melting Pot

 Spiritual or Aesthetic Worship?

 Rational or Ecstatic Worship?

 Sacred or Profane Worship?

 Let the Lord Define Worship

 Reverence Begins in the Place of Worship

 Three Battles for the Souls of Evangelicalism


Dr. Peter Masters

Dr. Peter Masters has been the minister of the Metropolitan Tabernacle (Spurgeon’s) in Central London since 1970. Some of the author's other books are, Psalms and Hymns of Reformed Worship, Do We Have a Policy? For Church Health and Growth, Only One Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Steps for Guidance, The Charismatic Phenomenon, The Healing Epidemic, Biblical Strategies for Witness. All of these titles are published by The Wakeman Trust, London, UK.

The articles which appear in this series are copyrighted material. Permission for their use has been granted by the author.

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