Reformed Confessions is a Windows Help file containing several historical and Reformed Christian Confessions. Use it like you would any other Windows Help file (see screenshot below). I hope all who use it may gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, theology, and Christian history, and so ultimately grow in their walk with Christ. The texts given here are either in the public domain or are used with permission.

Organization - The confessions are organized by chapter or article. (In the case of the Waldensian Confession, the articles are grouped because they are so small.) The catechism questions are grouped topically and are set up in such a way that one can view all the questions (though not necessarily the Bible references) on a particular page without having to scroll up or down, assuming a full screen and use of the original font size (Arial 10). The exception is the Heidelberg Catechism, which is organized based on Lord's Days. Some confessions and catechisms, such as the French Confession or Larger Catechism, have brief descriptions in parentheses beside the articles or questions on a document's Table of Contents page. These carry no official or authorized status; they are just reading aids I have added.

Text Formatting - Throughout Reformed Confessions Bible quotes in the text (some of which may actually be paraphrases) are given in dark blue italics. No one translation was used. The Bible translation used in a particular text was the one that came with that text and may or may not be used in another text. Bible references are footnoted. All footnotes are [numbers in brackets]. Additions to a particular text, such as in article III of the Waldensian Confession, are noted in {braces}. Deletions from an earlier text, such as in chapter XX, article IV of the Westminster Confession, are in [dark gray enclosed by brackets]. Small replacements of text, such as in article IV of the Belgic Confession, are footnoted. Large replacements of text, such as in chapter XXIII of the Westminster Confession, are treated as both {additions} and [deletions]. Some texts, such as the Second Helvetic Confession, have small comments concerning the translation, and these are footnoted.

      Table of Contents

      Ancient Creeds
      The Apostles' Creed
      The Nicene Creed
      The Athanasian Creed
      The Chalcedonian Creed

      Reformed Confessions
      The Three Forms of Unity
      The Belgic Confession of Faith
      The Canons of Dort
      The Heidelberg Catechism

      The Westminster Standards
      The Westminster Confession of Faith
      The Larger Catechism
      The Shorter Catechism

      Continental Reformed Confessions
      The French Confession
      The Second Helvetic Confession
      The Waldensian Confession

      The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion
      The Savoy Declaration of Faith and Order
      The London Confession of Baptist Faith

      For Practice
      The Children's Catechism
      The Shorter Catechism

      Modern Statements
      The Lausanne Covenant
      The Manila Manifesto
      The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

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