I, along with many of you I'm sure, am no big fan of Billy Graham and his brand of ecuminicism; but tonight really takes the cake.

I was flipping channels looking for something worth watching when I passed TBN. As I went past as usual (actually I sometimes stop and see what some of these preachers are saying; I feel it's easier to argue the finer points with folks when you know what they're being taught up front) I thought I saw Rev. Billy Graham. It took me a couple of channels to realize it, but I stopped and flipped back. Paul and Jan Crouch, in Washington covering inaugural activities, were having a sit down chat with the very aged Rev. Graham. This was somewhat surprising to me, but what transpired truly shocked me. Nearing the end of the interview Rev. Graham thanked, whole-heartedly, Paul and Jan Crouch for their "ministry" and stated that he was "blessed" by it because it was the only "Christian" television that he watched in his home.

As I said, I'm no fan of Graham, but I found this truly shocking. Particularly because this man is so highly revered among churches, even orthodox churches. It seems he has fallen a long way from his Fundamental upbringing, education, and early ministry.