Thx much, will go through the Warfield Article. The reason my interest in this topic sprung up is because of the current circumstances I find myself in. Before I thought me and my brother were the only Russian Evangelicals who are Reformed, but then I met a girl (who's now my wife) through whom I was introduced to a wider network of Slavs who also claim to be 5-pters, but who still hold on to Dispensationalism/Pre-Millennial systems. Like my brother in law, who has a PhD from Edinburgh a 5-ptr who's starting a series on eschatology being greatly convinced in propriety of Pre-Millennial system. Last sermon he mentioned that during the Great Tribulation, the converted Jews will be the ones who will spread the Gospel. With that he also believes that the Spirit (which is associated w/ the Church) will be raptured with the Church. So if there's no working of the Spirit who's there to do the regenerating? Does anyone out-there know how original Pre-Millennialists dealt with this question?