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Lately, about every third time I return to the forum I am log out. Is it just me or have others been experiencing the same?

I've had the same problem for some time...
It's a 'glitch' in the software that was supposed to have been fixed in the latest update, which was applied here. It seems it mainly affects only IE users, of which I am one too. What I do is when I am actually able to login and stay logged in; sometimes I have to login in several times before it will 'stick', is to delete my cookies and log back in again:

Go to "My Stuff > Cookies > (click) Expire Cookies". You will be logged out automatically and then you can log back in. It's not a permanent fix by any means, but I find it does stretch the interval of the log out problem.

The problem is well-known by the developer but whether or not it is going to be addressed is unknown at this time.

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