Good day everyone! I have been and still am so busy at work that I don't often get the time to visit the Discussion Board.

Today I need some advice.

The issue here is the following: The university where I am working was up to around 2004 a Christian university in the sense that the law under which the university was established recognized the Christian character of the University. The university also got state subsidy. It was around 2004 when the ANC government forced a number of mergers of major successful university campuses with smaller less successful campuses. We were also affected in that our university had to merge with a smaller university some 200 km from Potchefstroom. We had a very good vice-chancellor and till about two or three years ago there was an underlying Christian ethos on our campus. Things changed rather radically since we got a new vice-chancellor. A lot of restructuring is currently underway and in this process there was also a change in the position of the local campus rector. The current campus rector was the dean of Theology. He is also a very very strong activist for the ordination of women in all ecclesiastical offices.

Earlier this week there was a prayer meeting on the campus where he and a Muslim prayed for the students as exams started this week. I have no direct evidence of what his prayer was and whether in fact, he was actually praying when the Muslim prayed. Point here is that he, as a professing Christian, gave permission for this meeting and also participated in this interfaith prayer. You can see the photos at THIS link. The "prayer" by the Muslim was in Arabic and English. Apparently the prayer was approved by the campus rector - the man with the grey hair and beard.

To me there is no doubt that his actions constitute a transgression of the First Commandment. According to the Heidelberg Catechism the First Commandment requires of us to flee and avoid all idolatry. Joining a Muslim in prayer at such a meeting, in my opinion, is nothing less than acknowledging Allah as god.

I would like to hear from you!! Thanks a lot. Johan

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