Just so you know, when I am studying a subject like eschatology, sometimes I find by looking at the arguments against it and actually looking at the context of the Scripture they use; often helps me in taking a firmer grip on the position (Amil) I lean most towards.
It is interesting when I see Scripture verses critics of the Amil position use, are used out of context. Yet, often it is easier not to do the homework of checking the context. Context is king.
It also really helps to get another Christians perspective on the same material; mainly because another set of eyes notices things I don't. Thank you for that, Pilgrim. smile

I must admit however, that although the subject of eschatology certainly does not stress me out like learn Calvinist soteriology did years ago. It certainly is not an easy subject to get a firm grip on.
I have been studying the subject for many years and though I am fairly certain that the Amil position is biblical. I still think I am barely scratching the surface in terms of learning it enough to defend it biblically.

I also need to admit I did not notice the comments about Chiliasm (Historical Premillenialism?) being the uncontested orthodox view.
My understanding is it was just one of the 3 main orthodox views in historic orthodox Christianity.
I believe however the two main positions at least when it comes to confessionalism, were Post and Amil.