Natural Theology
I was on a Reformed board recently and the topic was Natural Theology. Some of the discussion was going over my head, because I have never actually looked into ‘Natural Theology’ before.
I decided to look into what is was, before I decided whether or not to participate in the discussion. The first link I noticed in my Google search was a Greg Bahnsen article.
In the article Greg Bahnsen had a section called: “Five problems for natural theology”.
As I was reading these Five problems, to be quite frank I could not understand how someone Reformed could possibly because in natural theology.
For example number two says
2) It thinks that the unbeliever can be fair and open-minded and use right reason and will affirm a portion of religious truth upon the strength of the evidence.
-Scripture views the unbeliever prejudiced about God, having a pre-judgment against the God of the Bible. He is closed-minded and suppressing the truth in unrighteousness.-Only grace takes evidence and makes it plain to the eyes of the sinner.
I decided to participate in the thread, by using what I have learned in these five points.
However, the response I received I found a bit confusing. It almost seemed like it was talking about something different.
For example, the following is a response I got.
Tom Hardy our confession (1689) if we hold to that, does not assume via Natural Theology “unbelievers can *come to Christ* This from Turretin via Daniel is helpful
Anything, that might help would be appreciated.