I've been fascinated over the past 30 years or so with the arguments for cessation of certain Charismatic gifts.

The very phraseology "cessation of certain Charismatic gifts" is one the Charismatics love to entertain.Such verbiage is dangerous because of the heretical supposition it entertains.
First off,would a "cessation" of a certain gift delineate some moral lapse on the part of its recipient.If that were the case,would that not imply HIS gifts to be conditional on the Father's observation of the behavior of man?
This is one of the many ecclesiological vignettes in the Charismatic movement that is a de facto abridgment of the belief in the omniscience of God.
As for those who have been delivered from that abyss-Praise God!!!!! It's nothing more than another mechanism of cultural/partisan hegemony used by the radical left that has,over the decades,systematically weakened the Protestant faith by undermining the authority of God's word;hence the belief in HIS omnipotence and omniscience.

Submitted in the name of Him which hath redeemed the elect, Eric Wells,Protestant Laird of Glencairn