How to answer the following conundrum?

Consider a woman who longs to become a great ballerina, but cannot reconcile such a purely self-interested goal with her religious conviction that she ought to somewhow selflessly serve God. If she chooses to pursue her interest in dance, she cannot be happy because she will feel guilty and live in fear. If she chooses to become a missionary, or to serve God in some other way, she still cannot be happy, since her personal dream will go forever unrealized. And if she compromises - if she pursues dance less seriously than is necessary to realize her full potential, and in the place of that surrendered portion of her dream she somehow serves God's higher purpose - then she will get exactly what you would expect: a compromised, semi-guilty, semi-repressed sort of happiness. for she could have either sacrificed more to glorify God or worked harder to achieve her dream. She could have been either more moral or more selfish.

So what I am asking is this: "Is moral consistency incompatible with personal happiness?"

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