Jason1646 said:
Hi jfschultz,

I am familiar with the Trinity Psalter, but I don't think it compares to the Book of Psalms for Singing. If I remember correctly, it does not contain all 150 Psalms either.



Hi Jason

The Trinity Psalter does have all 150 Psalms. Many of them are intact from the Book of Psalms for Singing. Very few selections in the Trinity Psalter have more than one version. (Only Psalm 46 comes to mind as having two versions.) The Book of Psalms for Singing has multiple versions for most Psalms.

BTW the C&C CD "His Mercy Fills the Earth" is noted as selections from the Trinity Psalter. In fact it is a compilation of Psalms from recordings done in the 1970's using the Book of Psalms for Singing.

Soli Deo Gloria
John Schultz
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