gotribe said:
I was thinking that the Keswick movement was called quietism rather than pietism. I'll bet Pilgrim knows. . .


A form of religious mysticism based on the doctrine that the essence of religion consists in the withdrawal of the soul from external objects and in fixing it on the contemplation of God.

Quietism is especially used for the doctrine of Miguel Molinos (1640-96), who taught the direct relationship between the soul and God. His followers were called Molinists or Quietists. Outward acts of mortification were held to be superfluous, and when a person has attained the mystic state by mental prayer, even if he transgresses in the accepted sense, he does not sin, since his will has been extinguished. Molinos was accused of heresy and condemned by the Inquisition.

For more, see here: http://mb-soft.com/believe/txn/quietism.htm

On the "Keswick movement" see here: http://mb-soft.com/believe/text/holiness.htm

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