You raise some excellent points and considerations. While I understand what you are saying here what about para-church organizations that are under the church? Are these legit?

This includes participation here on The Highway. I'm not saying that I believe that The Highway isn't a very valuable ministry, it is. But, what I am saying is that in the case of The Highway, I think it is a perfect example of how reformed churches need to get there act together and start their own on line public forums and encourage members to use them. It wouldn't have to necessarily be one forum per church. It could be one for a group of reformed churches in an area. In fact, I think, that it would be better to include multiple churches, this would bring church bodies closer together.
This is a great idea, but how many churches would "fully" endorse every detail of what goes on at the Highway. I would love to see a group of churches support the Highway (and other organizations) and I think all of us should raise the issue to the appropriate people, etc, but let us see what the results are in a few months. From my experience it generally will not happen and if it does happen it may come with stipulations that are (1) a doctrinal per-peeve of a certain church or the pastor himself, (2) promotional advertising, and (3) other ideas which speak of inexperience in such a ministry. I guess what I am saying is that churches need to learn to work together in "general ways," however I have seen very little inter-church workings of this type be successful. This does not mean we quit trying, but we need some solutions, etc. How do we get churches let us say of the Baptist and Presbyterian sort to work together?

Your post raises some interesting issues and gives us more to consider.

Reformed and Always Reforming,