xyz said:

It is quite true that, had God known that there would be none of His creation who loved the truth, creation of the cosmos and the crucifixion would have been pointless. But the existence of some who would love the truth made necessary that creation, with its ample opportunity for rebellion against God. And because all would rebel, all would have to have their rebellion accounted for, with not one claiming impunity. So the Christ had to die for all, though for the sake of only those who would treat that death as their salvation.

HELL is where the unrepentant account for their rebellion, where they spend eternity under the wrath of God. IF CHRIST DIED FOR THESE SAME PERSONS, His death was in vain inasmuch as they still end up in hell for their rebellion against God. If Christ died for all, he died for the sake of all. To say otherwise is illogical. However, if He did indeed die for all, then all must be saved, or else His death was in vain to the extent that anyone ends up in hell.


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.