I was pondering this thread over dinner and it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe that due to the recent influx of NPP, FV, etc., Bridges' words just might have been very, very apropos. Why? Because the proponents of the FV heresy deny not only imputation but also that which is imputed; the active obedience of Christ. A denial of the imputation of Christ's active obedience, i.e., His perfect keeping of the law, essentially denies salvation itself. For it is Christ's perfecting keeping of the law which is imputed to us; that which we are clothed with and declared to be righteous before God. As I mentioned in another thread some time ago, there has been for some time an over-emphasis, if that is possible, on the "passive obedience" of Christ, i.e., His vicarious substitutionary death at the expense of the equally important "active obedience" of Christ.

"Thy blood and righteousness" encompasses BOTH the passive (blood) and active (righteousness) obedience of our Lord Christ. BigThumbUp

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simul iustus et peccator

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