Since I'm really a newbie to this forum and just now starting to learn my way around, I hope this is the proper place to ask a question like this.

I promise that once I learn my way around, I'll try to be a more active participant. [Linked Image]

I haven't been here since I signed on some time ago and I noticed when I arrived today, the top right corner bid me welcome. But it didn't show me in the active users list.

So I logged out and then I WAS shown in the users online list. I logged back in and that seems to have corrected the problem.

PS I'm trying to attach a screenshot to this post but the preview doesn't show it in spite of the composition window saying that there IS one file attached to this post! Wassup?

Attached Files-Click on Image to view full size. 2010-02-13_171150.png

[Linked Image]