No single man is more responsible for the distortion of Christian truth in our age than Charles Grandison Finney. His “new measures” created a framework for modern decision theology and Evangelical Revivalism. In this excellent article, Dr. Mike Horton explains how Charles Finney distorted the important doctrine of salvation.

The Article of the Month for this month of May is by the well-known author, speaker and president of WTS in California, Michael Horton.

This article really uncovers modern Evangelicalism for what it is... another religion which renders allegiance to another God, another Jesus and another Spirit, through another Gospel. If you aren't overly familiar with Charles Finney, but have only heard his name mentioned from time to time, even on this board, you will surely be surprised to learn what this man believed and taught. And, the most important point, how Finney's teachings have become the very foundation, to one degree or another, of modern Evangelicalism. Billy Graham paid great honor to Finney on several occasions, just to give one example.

You can read this article now by going here: The Disturbing Legacy of Charles Finney.

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