Dear Brethren, I kindly request you all who visit the Highway website to seriously consider financially supporting the site on regular basis. I believe the site is of great benefit to the body of Christ worldwide but more especially to the African Church. The site is a rich resource not only for African pastors but also for Bible College students, most of whom labor under very poor economic circumstances that buying sound theological literature is a luxury.

I therefore appeal to you beloved brethren to maintain this powerful resource on website through your financial support. By so doing you will achieve the following:
1. You will help to further the work of Reformation on the African continent which is slipping back into the dark ages due the spread and influence of Nigerian junk theology.
2. You will help poor pastors in Africa, and the third world at large, to access rich Reformed literature.
3. You will help our students in our Bible colleges, many of which are ill equpped with respect to literature, to make use of such a rich resource as they do their assignments.
Let me end by saying that I am a pastor and Bible college student at the same time. From my small income, I only think of putting food on the table for my family, not because I'm not interested in investing in sound literature but because I just can't afford it. The Highway website has been of great benefit to me in both my pastoral work and theological studies.

BIG QUESTION: Are you going to help promote Biblical Christianity in the third world, especially my dear Africa, by maintaining the Highway on the web through your financial support or are you going to deny us access to such rich a resource by withholding your finances?
Please brethren, consider this matter seriously.

Thanking you in anticipation, I remain a debtor to sovereign grace,
Lichawa Thole.

A Debtor to Sovereign Grace