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I think it is because they simply cant find anything and have arrived at an ethical quandary .It is possible they they have gotten used to this forum being so small and the public aspect of it slipped their mind. As you say if they are correct and Madison is guilty of disrespect Pilgrim and Chestnut have a real christian duty to inform the Marines and any one else who has or might be inclined to use this music thinking it is fine. Something tells me they will not.

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There is no quandary whatsoever. I for one stated my objection to the video quite clearly to which you took offense, perhaps even more than the offense I found with the video.

1. The music played is ROCK & ROLL, or call it what you like if not R&R, but the incontrovertible fact is that the music played is WORLDLY which is co-mingled with the name of God which is in the lyrics. That is my main objection whether you accept that or not, which obviously you do not. The secondary objection is that the same rejectionable music is used for the National Anthem, aka: The Star Spangled Banner, written by Francis Scott Key. The historical context of the original writing of this song is hardly represented by this type of music and I personally find it dishonoring.

2. If 50 million Marines like it, it doesn't make it any less offensive, disrespectful to the song and unquestionably, no less a violation of the Third Commandment.

3. My basis for the offense and rejection of this video, and and all similar attempts to co-mingle the world's debauchery with that which is honorable and good is biblically based and which teaching I have often written on this Board. So, it should come as no surprise to you and you would be remiss for dismissing it as a valid and/or sincere reason for my objection. Perhaps you are also "moved" with much appreciation for Shai Linne's co-mingling his devilish "hip-hop/rap" music with the Westminster Shorter Catechism? Some very notable pastors think this is god-honoring and a boon to evangelism, etc. So that must mean that what he is doing is unassailable also?

4. However, what is no less pressing at this point is your unbridled contentiousness, misrepresentation of what has been written by those who oppose the video, and disrespect here. It has been asked that you step back and examine yourself in regard to your belligerent attitude. One can plainly see from looking at the number of replies you have in this thread compared to all others combined and it is obvious you are out of control of your emotions and have shown little objectivity in dealing with the subject. Regardless where you stand on the music issue, I will not tolerate this type of behavior here from you nor anyone else. You have been around here for many years and know the Guidelines and seen how those who have chosen to ignore them have been dealt with for the benefit of the community. We/I make no exceptions. What is right, is right and I make no apologies for it.

Thus, the proverbial "ball" is in your court. You may retain your view but you will NOT be allowed to retain the insulting, misrepresentation, flaming, badgering, etc. when addressing others here. I assume this is clear enough for you! scold

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