cI have just joined the Forum.

I drifted away from the Lord over a number of years. Just prior to this I was torn between the Charismatic/Pentecostal stance and came under the influence of Reformation understanding. No one compelled me in the direction of the later, I just happened to come across books that presented the doctrines of Grace, and I was interested in them.

Later I came across brothers, who were of the reformation/cessationist position. I did not entirely agree with the hard complete cessationist stance, but after reading Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones' book, "Prove All Things" I began to realize that my Charismatic experience was not valid-especially after reading and re-reading the chapter on tongues. This deserves the attention of a broader Christian Audience. I also read another book about the Toronto Blessing. This book was also very helpful in broadening out the point made in Jones' book re, the psychological/ self hypnotic aspects of some religious feelings and experiences. Let alone the demonic aspects that are worryingly possible.

Since being drawn back into faith, I have reread these books. The time spent away from Charismatic influences, certain personalities, and my own willful connection with them all, has left me with a clearer more objective mind set, from which to judge what went on with me in my initial Christian experiences.

I own some of the responsibility for embracing the modern charismatic movement, but I also must accept that I was not in a position to be objective for various reasons at the time. Like I indicated just now, being backsliden for a long time, left me with a more objective mind set, once I came back. I am sure if I had rejoined a Charismatic group, I would have been
influenced to subject myself once more to what is, in the main a psychological and self induced religious experience.

I am not denying the fact that God does bring to our souls the choicest of experiences of His Spirit in Christ. But I am having to face the reality that He, is not a experience giving vending machine- with miracles, prophecy and tongues etc forming part of every day Christian living.

In future posts- if anyone would like me to- I will relate some of the things I saw and experienced and give my interpretation of them from the benefit of hindsight.