Good day everyone. It has been many many months since I posted something here. The last couple of years were extremely busy. And still is.

Here in SA we are still in some kind of a lock down situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the things following from the lock down are spiritual messages on Whatsapp and FB. In one of these messages the following was said by the pastor (the original is in Afrikaans but my summary here is accurate enough):

We believe that God calls all believers. God loves his earth, this world which he created even if it is so different from the world to come which the Apostle Peter describes. Therefore, in his grace/mercy He does not leave this world to itself to sink further into corruption and decay. He intervened by sending his Son into the world to counter the corruption and meaninglessness, to bring the world again to its original purpose, which is to honour God.

My question is: did the Father send the Son into this world as an intervention to counter the corruption and to bring THIS world to its original purpose?

My own answer is no, this is not why Christ came into the world, but I would like to hear what others say about this statement by the pastor.