It is beginning to look more and more like Covid vaccines are going to become absolutely mandatory in the near future. Already, in the health care profession, in many places such as B.C. Canada the government is considering seriously about forcing all health care worker to take the vaccine.

The borders between Canada and the US are opening up soon to all fully vaccinated people and they make it sound like this is a permanent thing.
I read a newspaper article today from the head doctor in B.C today, that claims the variants such as the Delta Virus, makes it absolutely mandatory that non-vaccinated people get vaccinated soon, or the variants will be out of control.
I have a good reason to suspect these government and health officials have an agenda and I do not trust them at all.

I am hearing other rumblings that, they may be coming down hard on those who will not get vaccinated; even to the point of jail time, or forced vaccination. All ready, many people I know even n Churches are trying to guilt people who have yet to receive the vaccine. Family members turning against other family members who have not received the vaccine.

My question is, what should we do if our convictions say we should not get the vaccine, especially if it becomes mandatory and vaccinated family members treat unvaccinated like criminals?