This is a two-part series written by John Owen, taken from his Works Vol. IV, The Work of the Holy Spirit.


Means to be used for the right understanding of the mind of God in the Scripture — Those which are prescribed in a way of duty.
- That which is general and absolutely necessary.
- Such as consist in the due improvement thereof.


The second sort of means for the interpretation of the Scripture, which are disciplinarian. — As consisting in the due use and improvement of common arts and sciences, applied unto and made use of in the study of the Scriptures.
- That which of this sort I prefer, in the first place, is the knowledge of and skill in the languages wherein the Scripture was originally written;
- An acquaintance with the history and geography of the world and with chronology;
- A skill in the ways and methods of reasoning;

There is much to be learned from Owen on this matter of the consistent and right reading of Scripture. Unfortunately, little is being taught in churches today on this fundamental matter and thus its inclusion on The Highway.

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