We are coming up fast on the last space shuttle mission ever. The media for their part is offering exclusive coverage of the fact that one of the astronauts is the husband of Sen. Gabriel Giffords and virtually ignoring the fact that Obama is killing the beloved space program. Why is he doing this? Is it the money? Out of many good examples of government waste, fraud, and abuse, NASA certainly isn't one of them. In fact, NASA could be an example of how possible it is to run a government program efficiently, giving a praiseworthy return on investment.

So why does he hate it so?

Because the space program is emblematic of the American spirit, the willingness to stretch ourselves into the heavens and achieve something that has never been achieved before. The space program is also a stunning example of American capitalism and its triumph over the Soviet style centralized economy. Both the Soviet and American space programs were government programs, but while the Soviets had a system that stifled innovation, competition, and excellence, the American space program was a huge success of venture, bringing about the best that the free market had to offer. The many inventions intended for spaceflight also had a secondary benefit to American society. NASA has filed over 6300 separate patents for products such as scratch resistant lenses, memory foam, infrared thermometers, satellites, smoke detectors, cordless devices, and water filters.

It's not difficult to see why Obama is ideologically opposed to the Space Program. He abhors America's standing in the world and seeks to knock us down a few pegs. He started by going around the world apologizing for America's "misdeeds". He then holds back American oil exploration while encouraging that of Brazil, even giving them money to do so. He started a bombing campaign in Lybia, but then immediately proceeded to take a back seat to NATO, thinking it unfair that America always leads. He invited the Mexican President to address Congress in a sickening dress down for even thinking about defending our borders. He believes that America is a source of ill in the world and it's up to him to create a more even playing field.

Far from executing his office in the tradition of JFK, he is the exact opposite of the beloved president. Kennedy started the effort to reach the moon, daring to believe in what was possible if we put our energies, wit, and resources toward the lofty goal. Kennedy believed America was a force for good and his foreign policy reflected that belief. Now we have a president trying to shut down the very space program that Kennedy used to impale upon the American psyche what could be achieved. Though the Soviets beat us into orbit, we redoubled our efforts to be the first to the moon, proving that the American spirit, ensconced in liberty, was far superior to that of the red, communist U.S.S.R.

Intolerable. Outrageous. Who do we think we are? We need to be humbled.

And Hussein Obama is just the man to do it.

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