There is a new forum located under "Resources" called Creeds and Confessions. The entire Heidelberg Catechism and Commentary by Ursinus is now located there. Given the demand for such resources, we thought it would be handier to have it in a place where it wouldn't get buried under assorted devotions. In 2011, this Catechism had been posted in the Devotion section each week but now it will be removed from that location and while retaining its 52 week format and include the associated Commentary selections with each Lord's Day thread. You can search this forum using the usual search tool or by going to The Highway web site and use the Google site search feature there.

The Westminster Larger Catechism will also be moving to its new location in the Resource Forum soon.

This is a read only forum so any comments, questions or discussions of any sort will have to go in the Open or Theology Forums

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