Thought I'd look up any well known 'theonomists' to see whether any were lacking in dedication to six day creationism and I happened on this article. I think its worth a chuckle some might thinks its worth an AMEN.
Theonomy lacks the promise of grace, salvation and freedom. Theonomy has no promise except legalistic misery. Theonomy is Pharasaically burdensome.

Theonomy is spiritual darkness.

As I was putting together my posts on the Huguenots, I happened to think about today’s American Protestant penchant for literal six-day creation, which isn’t even in the creeds. Forcing people to believe this ‘or else’ is a type of legalism. God forbid those of us who never think about it are tried as ‘heretics’ because it’s not an overriding concern in our lives.

Anyway, back to the Catholics versus the Huguenots in 16th and 17th century France. Let’s ask ourselves these questions:

- Did a belief in literal six-day creation — universal at the time — prevent persecution? No.

- Did it promote Christian love and holiness? No.

- Did theonomy make French society more moral? No.

- Would theonomy make our society more moral? No.

Theonomists are interested in nothing more than their own power over others.

Sadly, they are dragging many impressionable Protestants along.

Perhaps Jesus didn’t come for them?