I guess I maybe don't understand the issue exactly, but I pray with my 2-1/2 year old, and I think that he believes in Jesus Christ and prays to Him, Our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit works in His life, it's an inarticulate faith, certainly. I haven't had him baptized yet (soon to be remedied by the grace of God), but what does "means of grace" mean? I was my half-brother's "God-father" in the Lutheran church when I was 13, I saw him be baptized, I saw him fall far away, be impossibly angry at our father (who divorced his mother when he was 2), but I've seen them begin to be reconciled over the past year by means of the work of God's grace in my life, Who has used me to be an intermediary in their lives, and by God's grace, I've had some conversations with my brother that have forced him to challenge some of his long-held beliefs about who a Christian can be, and that they aren't all limp-wristed, self-righteous wimps.

I've read all of your stuff on Douglas Wilson et al, and I find it hard to reconcile what you write with my experience (and my reason too). (I know that the Bible is a normative book and my reason and experience don't validate it, quite the opposite.) However, I believe that God branded my brother with his baptism, is hounding him as the Hound of Heaven, and is going to hound my son, regardless of any of my failings. I don't know but that people, in trying to address this issue, aren't trying to limit God's sovereignty, but also, some are trying to abuse it to excuse their libertine ways with their children.

So, "rant off," I know I'm the pleb here, but I desire to be consoled about some of these issues. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that maybe I'm the one that wants to run to the quick fixes. Part of this is that I don't feel like anyone really ever answered my "Credenda/Agenda Filter" post, and I start to think that the silence speaks volumes.