Thank you for providing that review on Dave Hunt's "What Love is This?"
I have known for quite some time about Hunt's book and in fact this isn't the first critique I have read on Hunt's book.
James White also has a good critique on the book himself, of which he has been attacked by many about.

To me, it isn't that I care so much that Hunt is opposed to Calvinism; it is just that he not only misrepresents Calvinism, but also misrepresents many Calvinists themselves.
One thing that I find almost laughable (if it wasn't such an important subject) is his saying that CH Spurgeon was opposed to Calvinism.
Anyone who has done any reading on Spurgeon would know of his love for the doctrines of grace.
This alone should show anyone the errors (to put it mildly) of Hunt's book. Yet, there are many big names that back his errors.

Count me in as one person that is not interested in reading Huntís book.
Hopefully Huntís book will serve to show people of just how low the enemy will go, to keep the truth from going out.