A good friend recently told me as I was relaying some of what I was learning from my study of reformed theology, "don't forget to sometimes just set the books down and have a good cry as you consider God's grace to you." I completely encourage reading good reformed theology, but it will become dry and lifeless if it's only in your head. I once put my comfort in what I knew about God, but I did very little to build a relationship with Him.

I was reading Berkhof's systematic theology and really was struck when he talked about religion affecting the intellect, the emotions and the will. When our faith becomes focused on only one of these things, our theology becomes extreme and unbiblical (e.g. hyper-Calvinism, charismatic, Amish).

I think one of the best summaries of the Christian focus is stated in the first question and answer of the Heidelberg Catechism.

Thanks for sharing!