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Ia gree with you on this issue, but was just suggesting that there are many churches who teach the Gospel who are not calvinist, but they teach jesus died for sinners, receibe Him as Lord to be saved...

They are christian, yet have really bad understandings on certain things!

This view you appear to embrace is popularly known as "Tolerant Calvinism". In its basic form it says, Arminians and semi-Pelagians and others are all Christians and should be looked upon as brothers and sisters in the faith. The difference between us is that we have received better teaching than they have.

This view has myriad problems which cannot be justified from Scripture. One of the most obvious ones you yourself mentioned above, "there are many churches who teach the Gospel who are not calvinist.... As I stated above in another reply referencing Spurgeon's words, "Cavlinism IS the gospel". If someone preaches any other gospel other than what Paul and the other Apostles preached, then it is a FALSE GOSPEL, which cannot save.

Secondly, you wrote, "but they teach jesus died for sinners, receibe Him as Lord to be saved...". Unfortunately, this truncated statement does not encompass what is needed to be saved. Mouthing these words or any other formula, e.g., "Tell God you are a sinner and ask Jesus into your heart...", or "Just believe Jesus died for you...", or "If you want to be saved, just read this little prayer on the back of this card...", etc.

Some salient questions which must be considered are:

1. Jesus who? Which Jesus are these non-Calvinist churches teaching? Are they teaching a Jesus who died for everyone and paid for everyone's sins thus all one has to do is believe that Jesus died for them? Do they teach that God in Jesus has made salvation possible for everyone but YOU must exercise your free will to make it happen? As Billy Graham stated it, "God has done everything He can to save you. Now, it's up to you."

2. What do these churches teach about sin? Do they teach that all men by birth inherit a sin nature and Adam's guilt is imputed to them? Do they teach that ALL at conception are under the wrath and just judgment of God and that they are sworn enemies of the thrice holy God of heaven? Do they teach that no one has ever had a good thought, spoke a good word or done anything whatsoever which is good before God? Do they teach that the natural man hates God and loves sin and because they are human they are totally depraved and cannot even desire to be saved, never mind not being able to do anything about it? Do they teach that it is the sovereign good will of God to send His Spirit to bring genuine conviction upon all whom He desires to save and gives them the ability to repent of their sins and flee to Christ believing that in Him and Him alone is forgiveness to be found and that it is the only way anyone can be reconcilded to God? Do you get the point here?

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