"I would also state though that since God nethod of saving would be the same, do see many who have their misunderstanding on this yopic still saved, but they really need to study the Bible and come to the correct undertanding on what salvation really means form the perspective of the scriptures."

You can't be saved believing a lie! Haven't you read all that Pilgrim has written and read the 9 links he provided? It seems that you don't understand that people believing in the myriad of false gospels out there today will not be saved hearing the heretical systems they believe. Everyone is(Ps. 51:5 and Rom.3:10-12) totally depraved and can't go say a prayer or asked Jesus into their heart. People are saved by reading there bible or someone that is a child of God brings the true gospel to them and they are convicted by knowing true doctrine and the work of the Holy Spirit which (Eph. 2:1-3) regenerates their heart which before they were walking with the world and the devil.