1. To find out what the framers of the "confession"; which one? WCF, LBCF, Savoy, Belgic...you would have to search for writings which those individuals addressed on that subject.

2. Textual criticism was hardly developed during the 1600's. Many more manuscript evidence has been found over the past 400 years.

3. What the quotes mean; assuming they are taken in context, is that they believed the textual evidence they had at the time was reliable.

4. As I stated before, the debate between those who believe the TR, aka: Received Text is the best and genuinely preserved text and those who think otherwise has gone on for a very long time. And, I seriously doubt it will ever end. I have had courses on textual criticism and I found it to be one which "Scholars" love to delve into. I'm ambivalent on the whole matter. My main version for reading, devotions, etc., is the KJV. My main version for study is the ASV. Being quite familiar with both versions I have not found any major difference between the two and I am more than comfortable using both without any doubts or fears that one of them could lead me astray from the truth and even more importantly, from Christ.

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